These pages help you improve Greenstone's multilingual language support. Using them, you can

You will be presented with a series of web pages, each containing a phrase to translate. You proceed by translating the language interface phrase by phrase. Many phrases contain HTML formatting commands: you should not attempt to translate these but preserve them intact in the translated version. Words flanked by underscores (like _this_) should not be translated either (they're Greenstone "macro" names).

If you are updating an existing language interface you will not be presented with phrases for which a translation already exists. Sometimes a translation exists but the English text has since been changed. In this case the current translation will be provided and you should check and update this if necessary.

To correct a translation that has already been updated, use the "Correct existing translations" facility available for each part of Greenstone.

Each page ends with a "SUBMIT" button. When you press it, changes are made immediately to a separate Greenstone installation at A button is provided on each page to access this site.

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